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Cat Sitting

Holding Ginger Cat

Overnight cat sitting visit, the services offered can be customized based on your instructions & your cat's needs.  The following services are designed to ensure the well-being, comfort, and health of your feline friend while you are away:

  • Feeding and Water: Provide regular meals, fresh water, and any necessary dietary supplements as per your instructions.

  • Litter Box Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the litter box to ensure a clean environment for the cat.

  • Playtime and Exercise: Engaging the cat in play sessions, offering companionship, and providing mental and physical stimulation.

  • Medication Administration: If needed, administering medications or supplement's as prescribed.

  • Basic Grooming: Brushing, grooming, or other basic hygiene care as required by the cat's breed or condition.

  • Wellness Check: Assess the pet's overall condition, ensuring they appear healthy and content.

  • Home Security Checks: Verify doors/windows are secure, bring in mail/packages, adjust lighting, etc.

  • Updates and Communication: Providing updates and communication to you about your furry friend's well-being through messages, photos, or videos.


Note:  During shorter drop-in visits, our priority is your pet's essential needs.  We'll ensure they receive dedicated care focusing on feeding, bathroom breaks, playtime, and any necessary medications.  Rest assured, we're committed to meeting your pet's primary requirements during our time together.

*Depending on the complexity of the medications there may be extra fees

Prices are for up to 2 cats, starting at:

Express Drop-in Visit (15/20 minutes) - $20

Basic Drop-in Visit (30 minutes) - $28

Standard Drop-in Visit (45 minutes) - $40

Premium Drop-in Visit (60 minutes) - $50

Specialized Drop-in Visit (2 hours) - $85

Add a cat - $4

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