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On a Video Call


FREE Service

A 30 - 60 minute video chat via Google Meet, FaceTime or Zoom.

This time is utilized for you and I to get acquainted with each other and for you to tell me more about your pet(s) and what type of service you expect to receive.

Review M&G Terms & Conditions


$40 Fee

This first in person meeting will be conducted at your home.  During the in person meet & greet, I will spend time getting to know your pet(s) and you can get a sense of how we interact with each other.  If you have dog(s), you and I will go for a walk with them so I can get familiar with how your dog is on leash and what your neighborhood is like.

We will also go over the Pet Emergency Form that you will have received after the Initial Video Meet & Greet.

You can expect this visit to be upwards of an hour as it is imperative that the pet(s) and I are comfortable with each other.  If the hour is not long enough for us to complete the above mentioned tasks, a 2nd In Person Meet & Greet will be booked.

Review M&G Terms & Conditions

Family with Pets
Dalmatian Dog


$35 Fee

($15 will be applied as a credit to your booking)  

If more M&G's are required you will be charged the a la carte fees.)

The 2nd in person meet & greet is important so that your pet(s) and I can get reacquainted with each other.  During this meeting we can also go over keys, alarm codes, WiFi passwords, parking instructions, along with any tasks not completed during the 1st In Person Meet & Greet.

NOTE:  If your pet & I have a successful 1st in person meet & greet, this 2nd in person meet & greet will be booked 2-3 days before you travel.  However, should your pet require more than two in person meet & greets, we will discuss this and ensure that the last of the in person meet & greets is 2-3 days before you travel.  

Review M&G Terms & Conditions

Meet & Greets



(Includes up to two pets)

Searching for and meeting a new pet sitter can be challenging at the best of times.  Knowing that your pet will be okay and do well with the new pet sitter is a worry that many of you may have.  To help ease your stress and worry, I am happy to offer a single overnight trial run for a flat fee.

Trial runs are best done on Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.  Much like the real thing, I will mimic your routine with your pet to the best of my ability.  If this is something that you are interested in trying, please let me know and we can discuss the logistics.

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