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Dog Walker at the Park

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide pawsitively the best pet care experience for your fur babies.  For me it's more than just pet sitting - I aim to create peace of mind by ensuring that my furry clients are being cared for with the exceptional and individualized attention that they deserve while being in the comfort of their own home.

I strive to mimic the daily routines of their pet parents which in turn can ease possible stress or anxiety that my clients may have when their families are not home.  This too will hopefully, lead to peace of mind for you, the pet parents.

I promise to always conduct myself professionally and with integrity; ensuring that I respect you and your personal property at all times, and to love and treat your pets as though they were my own.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

My vision for DOVI is to grow over the next few years to be a highly reputable pet sitting service with a wheelhouse of like minded pet sitters all over Vancouver Island as well as an online resource for travellers coming to Vancouver Island.

Core Vaues

Core Values


I am committed to providing personalized services for each client by carefully assessing and listening to their needs.


I am flexible and willing to change and adapt to the needs of my clients.


My clients can be assured that their pets are in good hands while in my care. I will keep them safe and will always show up for the scheduled time with your pet.


I have a genuine love for all animals, which is why I look forward to spending each day with your pets and giving them the love and attention they deserve.

Positive Attitude

I show up each day with a smile on my face, love in my heart and an optimistic outlook, seeing the best in all situations and challenges.


I will always do my best to accommodate and meet the needs of my clients.

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