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Drop-In Visit

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Prices are for 1 dog or 2 cats, starting at:

Express Drop-in Visit (15/20 minutes) - $20

Basic Drop-in Visit (30 minutes) - $28

Standard Drop-in Visit (45 minutes) - $40

Premium Drop-in Visit (60 minutes) - $50

Specialized Drop-in Visit (2 hours) - $85

Each additional pet - $8

In a drop-in pet sitting visit, the services offered can be customized based on your instructions & your pet's needs.

Here are several services we can provide during the drop-in and the amount of time we are booked for:

  • Bathroom Breaks/Walks: Take the pet outside for a potty break or a short walk.

  • Feeding and Water: Ensure the pet has fresh food and water according to their schedule.

  • Playtime and Exercise: Engage the pet in play or exercise activities to keep them active and entertained.

  • Medication Administration: Administer any necessary *medications as prescribed.

  • Basic Grooming: Brushing, combing, or minor grooming as needed.

  • Wellness Check: Assess the pet's overall condition, ensuring they appear healthy and content.

  • Litter Box/Potty Cleanup: Clean or refresh litter boxes for cats or attend to any accidents for other pets.

  • Home Security Checks: Verify doors/windows are secure, bring in mail/packages, adjust lighting, etc.


Note:  During shorter drop-in visits, our priority is your pet's essential needs.  We'll ensure they receive dedicated care focusing on feeding, bathroom breaks, playtime, and any necessary medications.  Rest assured, we're committed to meeting your pet's primary requirements during our time together.

*Depending on the complexity of the medications there may be extra fees

Drop-in service's are only available during weekday evenings & on weekends.

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