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Holding Ginger Cat

Cat Sitting

(drop-in's and overnights)

Purr-fect Feline Care: Ensuring Your Cat's Comfort During Your Absence!

Heading out of town for work or a getaway? Worry not! Our services are dedicated to offering top-notch care and abundant affection to your beloved feline companions!

Our Standard overnight service is crafted to cater to all your cat's requirements: from replenishing their dry food supply and serving fresh wet food to ensuring their water is always fresh. We indulge them in play, provide belly rubs, or simply snuggle up based on their preferences!

At this time we are unable to accommodate families that only want drop-in service however, special pricing is offered for cat only households for our overnight service. No matter what your cat craves, we've got it covered!

Dog Walking

We offer a comprehensive dog walking service with three options to best fit your dog's needs:

  • Individual neighbourhood walks,

  • Field trips, and

  • Training reinforcement walks.

All dogs must have basic leash manners to participate. Our experienced and certified pet sitters specialize in relationship-building with dogs that have behaviour challenges, so you can trust that your furry friend will be in safe hands.

Dog Walk
Shot of attractive young woman using mobile phone while sitting in couch with her dogs and

Drop In Visit

Our Drop-In Pet Sitting service offers personalized care within 15-minute to 2-hour intervals, designed for pets needing swift potty breaks, medication administration, or additional affectionate attention. Services encompass playtime, wellness checks, feeding, cuddles, litter box maintenance, home inspections, and front door mail/parcel collection. Tailored for cat households or pets seeking extra tender care and attention, our service ensures a comfortable and nurturing experience for your beloved companions.

Almost Overnight

(sitter does not stay over at your home)

Discover Our Almost Overnight service that caters to families with relaxed pets or senior dogs that adore brief morning strolls and extended evening activities. Tailored for pets lounging around or spending most of their day dozing, this service offers personalized care. Morning walks allow for a leg stretch, while evenings feature longer walks, playful interactions, and cozy cuddles before bedtime. Specifically designed for pets capable of sleeping through the night without interruptions, this service guarantees peaceful nights. Currently available exclusively on Friday evenings through Sunday mornings, it ensures contentment for your pets and peace of mind for you.

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Lazy Brown Dog
A girl cuddles her dog while lying in bed. A young woman sleeps in her bedroom with a gold


(sitter stays over at your home maximum 10 days)

Explore our Overnight Pet sitting services, featuring four levels: Basic, Standard, Extended, and Premium. Though we propose a routine—dinner, evening, sleepover, breakfast—we prioritize tailoring it to your pet's unique needs. Each pet is different; hence, our personalized approach ensures their specific care preferences are met. While our prices may seem higher, remember, we assume complete responsibility for your pet from your departure to return. Even if we're absent during the day or evening, rest assured, we're the prompt responders in emergencies, ensuring uninterrupted care and your peace of mind while you're away.

Live-In Care

(sitter stays at your home for more than 10 days)

Our Live-In Pet Sitting is crafted for extended trips exceeding a week. Tailored for families away during the day, we offer two care levels—Standard and Extended—suiting different family routines. Standard suits active households, while Extended caters to those more often at home. Your dedicated sitter ensures your pets' routines for feeding, play, and care are maintained. They provide supervision, fostering a stress-free environment in familiar surroundings, offering you peace of mind during prolonged absences.

Working from Home
Cute English Cocker Spaniel and suitcase indoors. Pet friendly hotel.jpg

Hotel Pet Sitting

(currently only offered in the Victoria, BC area)

Planning a visit to Vancouver Island? Bring your furry companions along! While you explore local attractions like shopping, galleries, wine tours, live music, or fine dining, we offer one-on-one care in your hotel room. Similar to regular pet sitting, your pet receives walks, playtime, regular feedings, medication if needed, and ample love and attention. Enjoy your time exploring the city while we ensure your pets are well-cared for and content during your adventures.


Other Services & Add Ons Offered

  • Pet Service Matchmaker

  • House Sitting

  • Vet Appointment Concierge

  • Daycare Pick-up/Drop off

  • Groomer Pick-up/Drop off

Going for a Drive
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